Personal Float Tank

Enjoy all the benefits of floatation therapy in your own home with the economical Royal Spa personal float tank.

Made at our manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, this float tank is durable and long-lasting. It uses an ozone purification system. Simple to clean, it almost takes care of itself.  A seamless fiberglass construction means you won’t worry about leaks. An energy efficient pump insures minimal impact to your electric bill.

In the video below the designer, Bob Dapper, explains why this is the float tank he has in his own home


Dimensions: 5′ x 8′ x 29.5″
Weight: 2400 lbs (filled), 435 lbs (empty)
Capacity: 175 gallons
Purification System: Ozone
Warranty: 5 year structural

Electrical Requirements:

  • 220V or 110v (20amp)
  • GFI protection required

Additional Considerations:

  • Float tub must be placed on a hard, level surface

Float Tank Cost

$8,580 (Free Freight to 48 states and parts of Canada.)

No additional cost for shipping to the continental United States and parts of Canada. This includes all the equipment and 900 lbs of salt (1 pallet). Call or email to confirm.

Installation and setup NOT included in price.


  • tank and cover
  • 900 lbs salt
  • extra filter
  • maintenance supplies (skimmer net, hydrometer,chlorine)