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The Best Hot Tubs on the Planet

Our “hybrid” line of hot tubs are an optimal combination of technology, innovation and common sense.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Customizable
  • Built to Last
  • Optimal Water Quality
  • Very Quiet
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Cost Less to Own

Industry Level and Economy models are built like our competitor’s. We build these tubs to prove we can match the features of the typical industry spa and still build it better and for less money. $200 less, guaranteed.

For those with chronic pain and specific hydrotherapy needs, we have our Doctor Designed models. In consultation with physicians, we developed additional modifications for our Hybrid models that offer enhanced therapeutic benefits.

After more than 30 years of building spas and hot tubs, we can confidently say we build the best spa on the planet.

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Large Hot Tubs

The Monarch hot tub

The Monarch

8 people | Hybrid Capable

The Sultan hot tub

The Sultan

7 people | Hybrid Capable

The Emperor II hot tub

The Emperor II

7 people | Hybrid Capable

The Royal Spa King Ultra

The King Ultra

6 people | Hybrid Capable

Standard Hot Tubs

The Majesty hot tub by Royal Spa

The Majesty

6 people | Hybrid Capable

The Royalty II hot tub

The Royalty II

6 people | Hybrid Capable

Maui II hot tub

The Maui II

6 people | Industry Level

The Jewel hot tub

The Jewel

5 people | Hybrid Capable

The Regal hot tub

The Regal

5 people | Hybrid Capable

The Empress hot tub by Royal Spa

The Empress

5 people | Hybrid Capable

The Knight hot tub by Royal Spa

The Knight

5 people | Hybrid Capable

The Royale hot tub

The Royale

5 people | Hybrid Capable

Rio II hot tub

The Rio II

5-6 people | Industry Level

Small Hot Tubs

The Crown hot tub

The Crown

4 people | Hybrid Capable

The Princess hot tub

The Princess

3 people | Hybrid Capable

The Squire hot tub

The Squire

2 people | Hybrid Capable

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