Designed and manufactured by Royal Spa, our baptistries focus on thoughtful engineering and manufacturing excellence to meet the needs voiced by many pastors across the country.

Improper tubs, troughs and ceramic bowls cannot provide the safety, cleanliness, efficiency or convenience needed for baptismal use. Royal Spa baptisteries answer every need—tasteful, durable, safe, and easy to use and maintain. Our baptistries use very low electricity to heat in preparation for use. A hybrid pump runs quietly and efficiently, keeping your water clean and safe with a purification system you won’t ever need to think about.

Whether your congregation requires built-in, portable or completely custom to your specifications, Royal Spa will bring your baptistry needs to fruition. Our skilled craftsmen make all of our fine fiberglass products here in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we ship anywhere in the continental US.


Dear Royal Spa,

Our first two baptisms we had this past Sunday at Valley Community Church. What a beautiful moment it was! Everyone was so impressed by the functionality of the baptistry and the convenience for our church setup.

The setup of the baptistry–filling with water, heating, draining and cleaning was so easy and quick. Thank you providing a product to accommodate church settings such as ours, that allows us to have these amazing moments.

Rev. John M. Muncy, Pastor
Valley Community Church
Roseland, Virginia

Custom Baptistries

We welcome custom baptistry projects and are happy to accommodate your needs. We have our own mold making department and the ability to make nearly any size and shape baptistry or other product.

Built-In Baptistries

Designed to be installed as permanent or semi-permanent. Baptistry is self contained and incorporates a Dry-Well design, so only the person being baptized gets wet. Can be sunk into the floor or have siding that compliments the church decor.

Portable Baptistries

Portable baptistries are a great alternative for churches or congregations where a permanent or built-in baptismal pool isn’t an option. Price includes: heater, steps, insulated cover, water treatment chemicals…there is nothing else to buy.