What does a swim spa cost?

The cost of a swim spa has 3 components: the purchase price, the installation cost, and the maintenance cost. Additionally, there is the initial cost of the water itself and the ongoing cost of electricity.

A traditional fiberglass swimming pool can easily cost $40,000. That’s before you factor in the cost of site prep and a cover. Maintenance is time consuming and pricey. And in the Midwest you can only use the pool a few months out of the year.  This makes a swim spa a cost effective alternative.

swim spa with grandparentsWhat Are Swim Spas?

Essentially a swim spa is a small pool that uses water jets or propellers to create a current. This current gives you resistance to swim against, letting you have the experience of swimming without having to install a full-sized pool. Some swim spas also have similar features as hot tubs. They can be installed in-ground or above ground (or even inside a garage).

Swim Spa Purchase Price

A swim spa purchase price can range from $8000 to well over $30,000. Not cheap, but about half the price of a nice pool. You can use the swim spa year round. There are a lot more options with installation. It can be inside or outside; above ground or below; placed in a deck or in one half of a garage. You can take it with you, if you move. And the maintenance is easy.

Royal Spa swim spas range from around $10,000 to $25,000 with most purchases landing somewhere right in the middle. The final price depends on many available customizations.

Swim Spa Delivery Cost

Delivery costs vary depending on location and can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. IMPORTANT: delivery is NOT installation. Delivery gets the swim spa to the street or driveway of the homeowner. Installation is what happens AFTER delivery.

Swim Spa Installation Cost

Royal Spa - Swim Spa on Crane Install

Installation costs are impacted by many factors. Every situation is somewhat unique. These costs may include site preparation, landscaping, and electrical work. In some cases a crane may be required to get the spa in to position.

Swim spas require a solid, level surface to sit on and an electrical supply line (usually 220 volt, similar to a hot tub). Due to their size, electric heat is the most efficient and regularly used to heat the Swim Spa. This saves the cost of a gas heater, running the gas line and the maintenance of that complete set-up.  There is no water line hook-ups or underground water lines to deal with either.

A knowledgeable salesperson will be able to help you understand the possible costs for your installation.

Cost of Ownership: Maintenance and Repairs

Cost of ownership varies depending on the swim spa manufacturer. Not all swim spas are the same. Ongoing costs include maintenance, chemicals, electricity, and repairs.

Systems with poor purification systems will require extra money (and time) spent on chemicals. Specialized filters can be costly. And computer control systems can be quite expensive to replace. Energy costs can also add up over the years, so a more efficient pump system can make hundreds of dollars of difference over time.

It goes without saying that cheaper spas use cheaper materials. This isn’t just in the shell, either; the support cabinet, the pumps and the propulsion system are all points where manufacturers can cut costs.

Cheaper spas sometimes reduce the size of the unit to make up for these cuts, reducing the amount of materials needed (this also negatively impacts the swimming experience). Weaker cabinet structures and thinner shells can cause stress cracks, which can result in costly repairs and shorter life-spans.

The motors Royal Spa uses will usually last ten to fourteen years (or more).  We don’t use computer controls, so you’ll never have that high repair expense. And we’re confident the actual shell (aka the tub) will outlast you.

Generally speaking, if you cut corners to try and save money up front there’s a good chance you’ll end up spending more in 7-10 years than you saved. This is why a Royal Spa swim spa may cost more to purchase, but it will cost less to own.

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