Starting a Float Center – Things to Think About

What do you need to think about before opening your float center or spa? 

Are you thinking about opening your own float center or spa? Or maybe you’re thinking about adding float therapy to an existing business. Floating is a new industry with unique challenges.

Bob Dapper, owner of Royal Spa, has been building float tanks and working with float center owners for a few years. He’s familiar with the many issues they face as a float business startup.

Aaron Douglas is owner of A Place To Float in Indianapolis, Indiana. In their first year of business APTF managed more than 10,000 floats. Aaron spent more than two years planning his float center and has learned even more since opening.

In this series of videos Bob and Aaron discuss questions and issues that you want to consider as you think about starting a float business and opening your own float center. These videos deal with the following topics:

  • Starting a Float Business? Think About the Whole Experience
  • How much time do you spend cleaning?
  • Dealing with Health Department and Government Requirements
  • HVAC Considerations and Dealing with Humidity
  • Open vs Closed. Should you go with float pods or float rooms?
  • Why the Circulation Pump Should Always be Running?
  • Towels: Laundry Service vs Washing Machine
  • What About Room Design?
  • What to Expect with Routine Maintenance

After watching, feel free to submit your own questions via our Contact page or via (please include “float tank questions” in the subject line).

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