Royal 8484

The Royal 8484 110V offers seating for six, with five bucket seats and a no-float lounger.

This 7-foot square, 35-inch deep hot tub provides all the therapeutic benefits you will need but with the versatility of an easy electrical connection… just plug it into a grounded outlet!

If you are looking for a larger, no-nonsense, therapeutic hot tub for your family, look no further than the Royal 8484 110V!

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The Sport All-In hot tub by Nordic Spas

Royal 78

A perfect tub for beginning your hot tub lifestyle, this little beauty is considered our true entry level, Plug-N-Play hot tub. However, it is packed with all the features and benefits you expect from a Royal Spa!

Imagine gentle currents of water washing over your body. Can you feel the powerful jets soothing your muscles and releasing the tension of your day? Now, imagine this right in your own backyard! You can have it today in a Royal 7878 110V!

Our 110V series offers some of our best-selling hot tubs as Plug-N-Play models. These tubs are designed to provide outstanding benefit from our dual therapy system but with the flexibility of a 110V connection.

Our 110V hot tubs include standard features usually found only in higher priced models!

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The Retreat All-In hot tub by Nordic Hot Tubs

Royal 8472

An exceptional Plug-N-Play model, the Royal 8472 provides all the therapeutic benefits you need plus all the features and benefits you expect from Royal Spa!

With our best-in-class insulation wrap and ozonator installed as standard options, the Royal 8472 all-in 110V is perfect for individuals, couples or families.

Retreat into amazing hot water therapy with the Royal 8472!

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The Knight

Balance price and comfort with this hot tub. Room for up to 5 adults and designed to fit through most standard doorways. This is a great spa for indoors. But whether you use it indoors or on your patio, you’re sure to love the Knight.

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The Royale

Our Royale hot tub features a luxurious lounger along one side and a deep bucket seat, ergonomically molded to cradle your body in comfort.

With a total of 42 jets powered by 3 individual pumps, the Royale, like all Royal Spa Models, is powerful and still remains the most energy efficient spa in the industry.

This model features precision jets for your back and double pulsating jets for your feet. The bucket seat also offers 2 palm jets for those that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

A sturdy grab rail above the lounger helps you maneuver in and out of the lounger. And not to leave out the little ones, the interior step offers a great cool down spot or child’s seat so that your whole family enjoys quality time together.

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The Royalty II

This mid-sized spa is the perfect hot tub for the family with big therapeutic needs.

Our Royalty II hot tub offers three deep therapy seats, 42 jets, and a total of three pumps to send extraordinary water flow to all of the jets.

One of the deep seats has Royal Spa’s new shoulder and neck massage system. Also, the footwell offers a unique “Soul-mate” (reflexology) massage for your Mind, Body, Soul, and of course your feet. This system combines the power of touch with jet hydrotherapy.

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The Empress

Step into the warm, massaging waters of the Empress.

With plenty of jets, this hot tub offers three seats and two ergonomically designed loungers with plenty of therapy to concentrate on the calves and feet.

Some people uncomfortably “float” in a lounger so we have engineered these loungers to eliminate this type of buoyancy problems. The award-winning Empress seats five adults in comfort and is our current #1 Selling Spa.

In between the two loungers is the “Hot Seat” hydrotherapy station. With 12 jets, this seat offers a spectacular combination of Euro, Roto and Pulsating Jets and to massage up and down the entire body including your palms/wrists to alleviate carpal tunnel problems.

If your feet require special attention, this spa has a foot massage station for every seat in the spa.

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The Jewel

Are you looking for that perfect spa to set in the corner of a room or on a deck? You found it.

The Jewel is designed with a cut corner to open up more space around the spa. The cover can be ordered to open up in different directions to give flexibility to how you place the hot tub.

A mid-sized spa with full-size punch, the Jewel can seat 5-6 people.

Customize the massage experience to suit your mood. Stretch out. Your arms are supported on either side, massaged by palm jets in the bucket seat. With 38 jets, this hot tub offers a unique hydrotherapy experience.

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The Regal

Our new Regal hot tub is a mid-sized spa for up to 5 adults.

It includes dual loungers, two bucket seats and a “Cool Down” seat. One of the bucket seats includes our new neck and shoulder massage jetting system (also available on additional models).

This spa incorporates all of the latest in seat design and jet placement while still maintaining the low maintenance and low operation cost that has put Royal Spa ahead of the pack.

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