Have a question about our portable baptistry?

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we hear so you don’t have to spend hours searching the web for answers.

If you still have a questions about Royal Spa portable baptistries after reading through our FAQs, please contact us any time via email at info@royalspa.com or leave us a question on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

How long does a portable baptistry take to set up?

This baptistry is fully assembled at all times. Just add water, plug in, and then use when it reaches the desired temperature. This usually takes 3 to 4 hours depending on what temperature you prefer.

How many people will it hold?

This baptistry holds 1 person and is narrow enough for the pastor to stay dry on the outside while performing the baptism.

Is it easy to transport?

Very easy! The sleek design and built-in wheels make it easy to move. It can be rolled over even surfaces while filled.

Portable and Movable Baptistry / Baptismal Pool Locking Wheels
Will a portable baptistry fit through a door?

It certainly will. The width of this unit is 33.5 inches, so it fits through a standard 3’ door.

How much water does it hold?

Our portable baptistry has a 65 gallon capacity when filled for use.

How does it drain?

This unit is equipped with an external drain valve. Simply hook the portable baptistry to a garden hose and run the hose to a drain or outside.

Portable and Movable Baptistry / Baptismal Pool Drain
Can I leave it set up?

You can leave it full for long period of times if you choose.

Can the water be heated?

Of course! The water can be heated much like a swimming pool. It comes with a built-in heater and adjustable thermostat.

What is the warranty on it?

40-year fiberglass construction warranty, 1-year surface warranty, 3-year parts warranty, and 2-year cover warranty.

Will it spill water during a baptism?

Only if it’s too full. Each person displaces a different amount of water, but if you plan ahead you should not have any issues.

How much does it weigh when it’s full?

It weighs about 800 pounds when filled.

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