Natural Hot Tub Nutrients

Come into our Factory Showroom to receive a FREE 1 year supply of Natural Hot Tub Nutrients*

Royal Spa’s exclusive natural mineral additive uses a blend of specific ocean minerals to improve your overall experience.

A magical elixir of potassium and magnesium inspired by nature to help keep your spa water softer, healthier and bacteria free.


    • Silkier-feeling water
    • Therapy for your skin and body
    • Benefits health and well-beingReduces the ability of pathogens (cooties) to grow in your spa
    • Reduces maintenanceImproves the filter’s efficiency
    • Extends the expected life of your spa water
    • No sodium…!!!

*Limit one product per household. Must pick up product at Epler location during business hours. Must complete intake form. Offer available while supplies last.