Hot Tub Buying Guide

Want to buy a relaxing hot tub to soothe away stress or ease those aches & pains?

Where do you start? What features are important? What questions should you ask? Which hot tub is right for you?

We can help!

Bob Dapper, owner of Royal Spa, is a graduate of Purdue’s School of Engineering and has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing hot tubs. He’s got answers to your questions.

Bob has a few things for you to consider BEFORE you buy your hot tub.

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Bob’s Rules for Buying a Hot Tub

#1 Always buy a spa that has a Non-Computer Control System

  • There is nothing on a spa that requires a computer to operate.
  • The only one who benefits from spa computers is the repairman.

#2 Always avoid buying a spa with a 2-Speed pump

  • They are noisy when you’re trying to relax in the spa and can be heard inside the house.
  • They overheat the water during the summer time.
  • They are more expensive to operate.

#3 Always buy a spa that circulates the water all of the time

  • Stagnant water is usually unhealthy.
  • Stagnant water requires more maintenance. (more chemicals & more time)
  • Turning a pump off and on reduces the pump life.

#4 Always buy a spa that pushes the water through the filter

  • No correctly engineered water filtration system sucks through the filter. (It’s called a pump not a sucker)
  • Suction type filters require more cleaning maintenance and expense.

In these short videos Bob answers common questions people have before buying a hot tub or spa.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hot Tub?

Pumps and heaters are the primary source of energy consumption on a spa.

How Many Jets Should a Hot Tub Have?

If someone tries to sell you a hot tub based solely on the amount of jets, turn and run the other way!

How Long Should a Hot Tub Last?

Some hot tub manufacturers design hot tubs to last 7 years. Ours are warrantied for 40!

What Type of Insulation is Best for a Hot Tub?

Hot tub insulation can be the “blown in” type or the removable kind.

Why Expensive Computer Controls are a Bad Idea

Complex, costly computer controls are completely unnecessary on a hot tub.

What’s the Best Water Circulation System?

Water should be circulating all the time … 24/7.

How Much Maintenance Time Will This Take?

15 a minutes a day (or more) is too much!

What’s the Best Filter for a Hot Tub?

Fancy? No. Expensive? Nope.

What Size Pump Is Best?

Bigger is not always better.

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