Residential Float Tank

Get the benefits of flotation therapy in the privacy of your home with the Royal Spa residential float tank. Floating is a soothing way for you and your family to ease the stress caused by life’s daily activities. Proven effective in treating insomnia, depression and other health conditions, flotation therapy also promotes increased blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Our residential float pod weighs less than a waterbed. It will easily fit in an extra bedroom or unused living area. Built with seamless construction to eliminate leaks, the tank is resistant to chemicals and weather. The heat, temperature and pump controls are located inside the pod; making adjustments is as simple as pushing a button. The arched interior eliminates annoying drips caused by condensation. Featuring energy-efficient pumps and long-lasting filters, our residential pod is an economical investment that retains its value.

Instead of paying to relax in a commercial facility, you can take control of your health and happiness. American made right here in Indiana.

Complete Residential Float Tank for $16,500


Shell Size: 103.5″ x 70.5″ x 54″
Cabinet Size: 103.5″ x 70.5″ x 54″
Total Jets: 1
Water Capacity: 180 Gallons
Propulsion System: Hybrid Capable Circulation Pump
Pumps: 1
Purification System: Ozone/UV combo
Condition: New