Residential Float Tank

Get the benefits of flotation therapy in the privacy of your home with the Royal Spa residential float tank. Floating is a soothing way for you and your family to ease the stress caused by life’s daily activities. Proven effective in treating insomnia, depression and other health conditions, flotation therapy also promotes increased blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Our residential float pod weighs less than a waterbed. It will easily fit in an extra bedroom or unused living area. Built with seamless construction to eliminate leaks, the tank is resistant to chemicals and weather. The heat, temperature and pump controls are located inside the pod; making adjustments is as simple as pushing a button. The arched interior eliminates annoying drips caused by condensation. Featuring energy-efficient pumps and long-lasting filters, our residential pod is an economical investment that retains its value.

Instead of paying to relax in a commercial facility, you can take control of your health and happiness. American made right here in Indiana.

Float Tank Cost

$21,130 (Free Freight , restrictions apply)

Free shipping to the continental United States and parts of Canada. Includes equipment and salt. Call or email to confirm eligibility.

Installation and setup NOT included in price.


  • tub and mechanicals
  • salt (magnesium sulfate)
  • extra filter
  • maintenance supplies (skimmer net, hydrometer,chlorine)


  • mechanical equipment configured for external location – No Extra Charge
  • fiberglass case for external equipment – $650 (approx 40″ x 24″ x 21″)
  • over-sized pump used by competitors – $350


Dimensions: 103.5″ x 70.5″ x 54″
Weight: 700 lbs (empty), 2600 lbs (filled)
Capacity: 180 Gallons
Purification System: Ozone/UV combo
Warranty: 5 year structural

Electrical Requirements:

  • 220V, 20AMP, 3 wire with ground
  • GFI protection required
  • Hubble L14-30 receptacle or equivalent

Additional Considerations:

  • Float tub must be placed on a hard, level surface
  • All work must be done to local codes and ordinances
  • Mechanicals may be placed in different location — consult Royal Spa representative
  • Proper in-room HVAC must be installed to accommodate humidity

Float Pod Features

Pump and Circulation
The energy efficient pump is very quiet. It is designed to always be on. Our pump will not overheat the solution. A pump motor that is too powerful moves the solution too quickly, causing the solution to overheat.

Purification and Filtration
We use a simple and inexpensive filter available at any pool supply store in the U.S. Placement of the filter inside the tank helps prevent spillage of the solution on the surrounding floor. It also protects the pump motor and electrical components.

Tanks are equipped with dual skimmers. This insures the surface integrity of the solution. The skimmer basket is located inside the tank, which is a requirement of many local municipalities. Ozone and UV purification insures bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the solution, tank surfaces, and air.

Control System
Simple controls are located inside the float pod.

Heating System
A 3000 watt flow-through titanium heating system creates approximately 10,000 BTU’s. This is needed to insure the salt can melt in a reasonable amount of time.

Convective currents inside the pod create fresh air while the lid is closed.

The tank has a single light window with 3 lighting options: 24 LEDs, 9 LEDs, or a single blue LED, which is what we recommend. Multi-colored options are available.

Unlike our competitors who use a polyester based resin we use a specialized resin formulated for chemical storage tanks. Magnesium sulfate solution is particularly destructive. A regular polyester resin will blister over time from contact with the solution.

All of our models have a 3.5mm input jack. Bluetooth is optional. (The pairing process can be difficult for users in a multiple tank setting). Commercial models also have a 2-way intercom system.

Float Tank Buyer Beware: Know This Before You Buy

What Makes Our Float Tanks Better?

Delivery and Setup Explained

Float Tank FAQs

The solution itself would take over 19 years to degrade. You can’t “break” the solution. Theoretically, you could go for years without changing it. It’s possible you could have a situation where certain minerals have gotten in to the solution, creating a problem you can’t solve chemically. You might also decide to drain the tank to do some cleaning. In that case, the solution could be stored and returned to the tank once you’ve finished cleaning. Even in the case of a “biological event” you could remove the debris and let the system do its job. There would not be a need to change the solution.

An empty tank weighs approximately 700lbs (318kg). When filled with solution the tank weighs approximately 2600 lbs (1180kg).

The pod style float tank can accommodate people up to 6’9 (198cm)  An open float tank is also available. This is a good option for larger people and for those who might feel claustrophobic in a pod.

180 gallons of magnesium sulfate solution

Filters used on our tanks cost less than $20 and are available at most any pool supply store or online. A typical competitor’s filter could be over $200. Remember – you can clean and reuse filters.

The purification process cycles the entire solution 4x per half hour. It operates when the tank is out of float mode.