Custom Float Room

Flotation therapy promotes the release of natural endorphins and the removal of lactic acid from the body, which makes it an appropriate treatment for athletic or motor vehicle injuries. It also enhances creativity and improves concentration. The Royal Spa float room is an ideal way to achieve these benefits in a commercial or residential setting.

Our solidly constructed float room comes with a liner and encloses a 78″ x 117.5″ float tank. The tank stands 24 inches tall; the 14-inch step-over access provides a seating or standing area on which you can dry off before exiting the tank. A polyurethane pad placed outside of the tank protects your flooring from salt residue. We use chemical-resistant resins to eliminate blistering. Because pathogens and bacteria cannot live in the Epsom salt solution, the solution does not need to be routinely changed; in fact, the solution can last up to 19 years. Our float room is priced at $11,000.

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