Commercial Float Tank

Royal Spa Float Tanks have been designed with three things in mind. First of all, we want to be the nicest experience to using a tank. Secondly, we want to be unbelievably low in maintenance. And thirdly, we want to have a great energy efficiency.

We focus on the amount of air that comes through and circulates so you don’t get the claustrophobic kind of hanging air that makes some people uncomfortable. We are using multiple purification systems and a very simple filter that you can get at any pool place in the U.S.

All of our units have the ability to have an iPod either with Bluetooth or a direct connection to where you can have MP3 music inside. There is a heating system that is a flow-through heating system and then there are heaters underneath the tank also. We are custom-building these products to suit your needs.

Complete Commercial Float Tank for $22,500


Shell Size: 103.5″ x 70.5″ x 54″
Cabinet Size: 103.5″ x 70.5″ x 54″
Total Jets: 1
Water Capacity: 180 Gallons
Propulsion System: Hybrid Capable Circulation Pump
Pumps: 1
Purification System: Ozone/UV combo
Condition: New

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