ou may be wondering “what temperature should I keep my hot tub at in the winter?”

That’s a great question, and it doesn’t have to be very complicated. When you ask what temperature you should leave your hot tub at, it’s likely you’re looking for a few different answers.

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People generally don’t want their hot tub to freeze. Keep the water heated and circulating with an insulated hot tub cover firmly in place and you shouldn’t have to worry about coming home to a mini ice rink.

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A portable baptistry is a unique solution for situations where a traditional or permanent baptismal one is not appropriate. Wondering if a portable baptistry is a good fit for your congregation?

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How long should a hot tub last? That’s a very good question and we hear it fairly often. The answer to this question requires another question: Is the hot tub a Royal Spa?

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How many jets should a hot tub have? That’s a VERY good question! The answer is simple: your hot tub should have the appropriate amount of jets to fit your exact therapy needs.

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