7 Tips to Help You Throw the Perfect Hot Tub Party

hot tub party

Your Royal Spa is perfect for both relaxing alone and having fun with friends. One of the best ways to enjoy your hot tub with friends and family is to host a hot tub party. You’ll get to show off your custom made hot tub AND spend time with the people you love!
Before you send out the invitations, though, be sure to keep these tips in mind so you know you’ll throw the perfect hot tub party.

1. Play by the numbers

Your hot tub can only hold a certain amount of people comfortably, so make sure you don’t invite too many people to your party. You wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!
Another option is to allow guests to get into the hot tub in shifts, which will allow you to maximize the space.

2. Have extra swimsuits and towels

extra towels

For whatever reason, some guests won’t bring a swimsuit or towel. That’s okay! Just make sure to plan ahead with a couple extra swimsuits and plenty of extra towels. By doing so, you’ll make sure everyone can (if they want to) get in and enjoy your hot tub.

3. Have other things to do

Chances are no one is going to spend the entirety of the party in the hot tub. Knowing that, it makes sense to have other things to do when guests aren’t having a soak. Here are a few ideas that work well:

  • Have cards and board games available for guests.
  • Provide light snacks.
  • Give manicures or pedicures to each other.
  • Put on a classic movie for periodic enjoyment throughout the night.

4. Clean and maintain your spa before the party

cleaning hot tub

This probably goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Make sure your hot tub is clean and maintained well before your guests arrive. If you need any advice on how to get your tub in tip-top shape, contact your Royal Spa representative or call us at (317) 912-1633.

5. Make it musical

Everyone loves background music while they’re soaking in a hot tub. Provide your guests with plenty of options so everyone will have something they love. You can even invite guests to bring their own CDs or iPods so they can customize their own playlist.

6. Dip before you sip

drinks at hot tub prty

If you’re going be drinking alcohol at the party, it’s best if you dip before you sip. The warm water in the hot tub can speed up the process of inebriation, and can even up your chances of a hangover.
Be sure to provide plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages too.

7. Decorate the area

Decorating the area is a great way to create a mood for the party. You could do a theme night or just add general decorations. Whatever you do, make it fun and festive!

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