4 Things that Affect Hot Tub Water Chemistry

Water chemistry for a hot tub is pretty simple. You shouldn’t have to spend much time keeping the water in your Royal Spa clean and clear. In fact, your hot tub is designed to all the work for you. However, from time to time the conditions in the spa become less than idea. When this happens, it’s time to take action!


How to Get Rid of the 4 Culprits


Here’s a list of 4 things that affect hot tub water chemistry and how to get rid of them: 


1. Cooties

These little guys come in all shapes and sizes and NOBODY wants them in their hot tub. When it comes to bacteria, you want to make sure it’s dead as soon as possible. Chlorine, bromine, and ozone can all be used to control cooties. Chlorine is stable to 80 degrees, so it acts fast and kills everything, but quickly dissipates as well.

Bromine is much more stable than chlorine, but it has a strong odor that many spa owners don’t like. Ozone, or O3, is the best choice for controlling cooties. Ozone touches the water, releases an ion of oxygen, attaches to the cooties, and then the cooties die of old age. Once the cootie is dead, it gets caught in the filter. Done!


2. Calcium

Calcium is a common build up in residential water supplies. Simply add a stain & scale inhibitor to remove or a ph Down to make the water seem softer. Your filter will remove the buildup on its own.


3. Dirt

Dirt can enter a hot tub from dirty feet or if a cover is left off. Your Royal Spa filter will collect the dirt and safely remove it from the water.


4. Detergents

The most common way detergents enter a spa are from residual soap carried in by the person (i.e. hand soap that wasn’t completely rinsed). These can be eliminated by adding chlorine to break down the phosphates and eliminate any suds.

So when it comes to water chemistry, just keep an eye on the water clarity. If the water looks and smells clean, then it IS clean! Your spa will do all of the hard work for you and you can simply enjoy it.


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