If you’re a Royal Spa hot tub or spa owner, the sense of “ahh” goes well beyond the peace, the luxurious, deep warmth and the therapeutic jet massages. That Royal Spa “ahh” resurfaces year after trouble-free year as you experience the comfort of a great choice.

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Designed For Life

Unlike some other spa manufacturers, we bypass the need for complex computer controls that tend to quit first and cost a lot to replace—what other companies bank on. Royal Spa believes in making your hot tub or spa experience simply the best from every possible angle. When you see our warranty (the longest in the industry!) you’ll understand why we’re 32 years strong and the preferred choice year after year.

What Our Customers Say

Best Bang For Our Buck

We were looking for the best bang for our buck and I absolutely would say we got that from Royal Spa Manufacturing.

Highly Recommended

We came here a few months ago and ordered a new hot tub. We were very happy with the installation, we did not have to do a thing! We would highly recommend Royal Spa.

High Quality Work

I will refer any person who wants a spa to Royal Spa! They do high quality work and seem to care about it, too! I can only thank them for their professionalism and attention to detail!

I Love Royal Spa

My husband and I had a great experience at Royal Spa on Saturday. Great service, and very friendly. I enjoy my hot tub every night with my husband.