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Cabinet Size: 33.5 x 36 x 69.5
Electrical: 110 Volt / 15 Amps ( plugs into outlet )
Heater: 1500Watt Flow-through design
Water Capacity: 65 Gallons
Pumps: 24-Hour circulation pump
Ozone System: Ozone Purification System
Condition: New

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The installation of Royal Spa Portable Baptistry is simple as moving it from storage with its installed wheels (which can be locked) to the front of the congregation and filling it up with water. The water may be heated and filtered much like a swimming pool. It comes with a cover to keep children safely out of the water when a baptism is pending. When the service is over, drain the water with the easy to access drain valve.

The baptistry is comfortable for the baptism candidate. Steps are provided to enter the baptismal pool safely. The baptismal has a bench to aid in the support of the person. This bench also provides additional trust as they lean back. The baptismal is narrow enough for the pastor to stay dry on the outside while reaching the parishioner to provide support.

  • Fits through a standard 3′ Door
  • Easily moved with built-in wheels
  • Wheels lock for stability
  • 110 Volt with built in GFCI protection
  • Synthetic cabinet siding for no-maintenance longevity
  • Double step included
  • Vinyl Insulated Cover
  • External Drain & Fill Valve
  • 40-Year Fiberglass Construction Warranty
  • 1 Year Surface Warranty
  • 3 year parts warranty
  • 2 year cover warranty