Life’s Simple Pleasures Begin With Royal Spa

If you’re a Royal Spa hot tub or spa owner, the sense of ah goes well beyond the peace, the luxurious, deep warmth and the therapeutic jet massages. That Royal Spa “ahh” resurfaces year after trouble-free year as you experience the comfort of a great choice.

Thoughtfully Engineered to Give You Lasting Enjoyment

Smart engineering means hot tubs that are easy to own, easy to enjoy, over a long long lifetime.  Royal Spa is committed to building an excellent, durable product designed on simple principles of efficiency and ease for any owner to maintain.  With exclusive, patented features that keep pushing the edge on customer enjoyment and satisfaction.

Unlike Any Other Spa Manufactured

Unlike some other spa manufacturers, we bypass the need for complex computer controls that tend to quit first and cost a lot to replace—what other companies bank on. Royal Spa believes in making your hot tub or spa experience simply the best from every possible angle. When you see our warranty—the longest in the industry—you’ll understand why we’re 32 years strong and the preferred choice year after year.